8 11, 2017

Cloud Hosting Tips


Have you been keeping up with tech news? The chances are that you have come across a news piece on cloud-related security breaches. It could be a large enterprise suffering significant losses from theft of credit card information. It could also be personal cloud storage for a major celebrity. Online threats are real. You need to manage your cloud security closely regardless of whether you

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6 11, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About Hosting


Almost everything is now being done online. A good online presence will make it possible to reach others in ways that were impossible in the past. The benefits of having a website are there for all to see. Whether you hire someone to build the site for you or build it on your own, you will need a web host to have it published. You

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5 11, 2017

Domain Name Registration: the Do’s and Don’ts


Navigating the world, that is domain names, can be a challenging task. It can be particularly daunting if you are not well-versed on how to get yourself a good domain name. You can certainly get overwhelmed because of the countless hosting companies and caveats available out there. Failure to pay attention could also see you make a mistake that could cripple your business. Consider the

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