Navigating the world, that is domain names, can be a challenging task. It can be particularly daunting if you are not well-versed on how to get yourself a good domain name. You can certainly get overwhelmed because of the countless hosting companies and caveats available out there.

Failure to pay attention could also see you make a mistake that could cripple your business. Consider the following dos and don’ts before registering a domain.

The Do’s of Domain Name Registration

Include keywords or a location in the domain name—if possible

Try to put a location in your domain name if your company focuses on a particular area. The domain name can include a location as well as what your business does. Doing so will enable it to appear at the top of the search results.

You should always place the most relevant keyword for your area of expertise in a domain name.

Register yourself as domain name owner

There are business owners who make the accidental mistake of not ensuring that they are listed as the domain name owners. Confirm that whoever registers the domain lists you as the owner. You should also be listed as the administrative contact for that name.

A domain name is like a piece of real estate. You cannot sell a property if you are not listed as the owner. It is an obvious mistake made by very many business owners.

Ensure you renew the domain name registration

Experts recommend that you get a registration for five or ten years upfront. You could alternatively set up an automatic two-year auto-renew payment plan. You will need to ensure that the credit card listed on file does not expire anytime soon.

An expired credit card is another mistake that can cost you a domain name.

Don’ts of Domain Name Registration

1. Don’t use abbreviations, numbers, or dashes when registering the domain name

You should try and come up with a catchy name. The name should capture your business and be easy to remember as well. Good, easy to remember names increase your website traffic by as much as twenty-five percent.

2. Don’t waste money on any other extension apart

You are likely to get bombarded with offers to buy other extensions like .co and .net during registration. Many small businesses do not need this extension. You can register the additional extensions when patenting something or when you need to protect one of your products.

You will get your money’s worth by registering a .com domain. Follow the above points when registering your next domain for a hassle-free experience.


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